It’s no secret that Bristol is a city alive with creativity, from its eclectic music scene, to its world-renowned street art. But beyond the more traditional creative outputs lie more unusual artistic forms of expression. Guerilla Dance Company are a perfect example of the city’s knack for taking something ordinary, and turning it into a spectacle.
Founded by Architectural Choreographer Laura Kriefman (coolest job title ever?), Guerilla Dance Company create a fusion between dance and technology, and have been commissioned worldwide to put on interactive installations, themed dance events, and spectacular displays that build an intimate relationship between people and spaces.
Based in Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studios, Guerilla Dance Project reached over 4 million people with their Bristol Harbourside Crane Dance back in 2016. They’ve since worked on street projects with architects in Japan, and put on productions in amazing spaces including an abandoned Indonesian fort, and Brazilian backstreets.
At OggaDoon we’re huge advocate of the guerrilla movement, and love to see more and more guerilla creative born from our home city. Taking something that everyone thinks they know and transforming it into a new and vibrant experience is just what guerrilla comms is all about, and we definitely have that in common. Just don’t ask us for any dance advice . . .