Bristol isn’t short on quirky venues. There’s a club on a boat, a bar in a yurt, and now even a cat café. But none of those excite us quite as much as Loco Klub – the underground arts and performance venue beneath Temple Meads station.
Loco Klub is one of Bristol’s hidden (in plain sight) treasures. Located next to Engine Shed, the railway arches and ash pits from Brunel’s original train station are hidden behind the flock wallpaper and wood panels of the social club, creating an atmospheric venue that perfectly reflects the city’s alternative, creative vibe.
The unique space runs through Brunel’s old railway tunnels, and an old social club and bar room. It is a creative collaboration between sister companies The Invisible Circus and Artspace Lifespace, where plays and cabarets, art exhibitions and live music take place for all those who can find it!
The secretive nature blends well with the atmosphere, creating a tension between the unknown behind dark corners, and the excitement at the clever and ingenious ways that events use the space.
Loco Klub is a real one off. From the venue itself, to the eccentric and unusual nights that happen in the underground scene, you know that you’re in Bristol when you’re waiting in the dark for the show to start and wondering if the eccentric person behind you is a punter, or part of the act! It’s a completely immersive experience that you simply do not get in a ‘normal’ venue, and when you step out into the light, blinking at the dawn after a mad night, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be a Loco Klub convert.