International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate women who do amazing things every day. In a world where there are still many hurdles for women in the workplace, and for women working hard to be the top of their professions, we take inspiration from those women who are leading lights in their field and who are at the fore of real change.
Our work at TEDxBristol meant we were exposed to many women doing there thing incredibly, bringing new ideas to the packed Colston Hall audience. One such woman was Jane Evans, Anxiety Integration and Inspiration Coach, who brought her cutting edge research in childhood anxiety to the audience in a way we could all relate to – with cuddly toys.
Her TEDxBristol Talk, ‘Taming and Tending Your Meerkat Brain’ not only brought to light the realities of childhood anxiety and the necessity in tackling it, but also demonstrated her clever analogy of childhood trauma by using comparisons with Elephants, Meerkats, and Monkeys. This way of thinking offers an accessible way for children who have experienced trauma to understand their own behaviour.

Jane’s own story is inspiring and made her talk both relatable and engaging. She has her own past experiences of risk-taking behaviours and suffered with depression and high anxiety. She captured the TEDxBristol audience’s attention with her explanation of what anxiety is (demonstrated by the worry of how to get somewhere on time) which clearly drew on her own human experience.
Jane is the perfect example of a determined woman in the world of work. With a background in childcare, she returned to education in her 30’s after coming out of an abusive relationship, and while looking after her a young child she completed a BSc degree in Social Policy at University of Bristol. The work she does today stems from her work as a foster carer. The role, which required her to look into early childhood trauma and its effects on brain development, piqued her interest and started her own research and development.

Today, Jane’s work continues to improve lives all over the world. She’s spoken internationally at conferences and runs training to help parents and carers understand anxiety. We had to ask Jane for her own take on International Women’s Day. She said:”For over two decades I have had the privilege to work with women who have experienced multiple traumas. What shines out of them all is their unbroken compassion and their determination to live beyond it all.”
So, here’s to the women who are making the world a better place!