Tuesday 8th March 2016 is International Women’s Day and here at OggaDoon, we’ve selected a woman each that we’ve either met, worked with or simply know but most of all we respect them.
Meabh Quoirin is unlabellable. Some of you may know her as the Managing Director of Future Foundations, a global consumer trends agency, or as a recent TEDxBristol 2015 speaker. You may have come across her on LinkedIn as an influencer or heard her speak at the many public events she has attended. Or you may be friends (virtual or real). Either way, Meabh’s approach to life, professional and personal, grabs your attention and interest.
Glass ceilings, prejudice and perceived limitations are not in Meabh’s rulebook – she has bust through, discarded or ignored them all to show us what women are capable of achieving. It’s not just about working hard or smart, it’s about caring what you do, ensuring it has an impact and listening to others.

Meabh’s work at Future Foundations is a positive force for good in highly competitive, commercial and profit driven markets that remain traditionally staffed by men with linear objectives. In leading Future Foundations, Meabh is changing the guard, bringing in intuition-led economics and allowing businesses to thrive through caring and sharing.
And the future trend is emojinal. The topic of her recent TEDxBristol talk ‘Feeling emjojinal: the new social network’ introduced the concept and confidence that learning to love what we share online is ok, in fact it’s good to. You could say it’s a softer form of the F-word that is beginning to percolate through. Although female CEO numbers are not what they could be, women, like Meabh, are beginning to change this as societies recognise that a blurring of personal and professional lives is good for business and for individual happiness and well being.
Meabh and I met as we prepped for TEDxBristol finding common ground as mistresses of our own destiny through work and family life (with mutual appreciation that three kids can sometimes turn into four when the husband exudes playground behaviour ;-)). We are both ‘women of the modern world’, forever juggling and striving to create positive impact. In talking to Meabh, she is self-deprecating about life as a woman but her vision is both inspiring and grounded. It’s good to have such a class act amongst your peers.
This is what Meabh has to say about women in today’s world:
“I think women have never been so empowered and pressured all at once. We sense equal opportunity everywhere but with an undercurrent of still having to carry all the old responsibilities, assume female traits and sometimes still navigate naked prejudice which can be both male and female. Judgment is everywhere. We still have to fight. To get to the boardroom, to be recognised at over 50, to be a good mum and still be allowed a great career in any arena, to freeze/not freeze our eggs, to make our own body choices and most of all to be considered as who we truly are and not what we’re expected to be.”
PS Her name is pronounced ‘Mave.’