OggaDoon’s PR & Digital Marketing Awards 2020

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Celebrating our clients’ achievements in 2020


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We’re pleased to introduce OggaDoon’s PR & Digital Marketing Awards 2020. We want to take this opportunity to recognise our clients’ achievements in social media, digital marketing and public relations, in their respective sectors, throughout the year.

Yes, 2020 has been a complex year, to say the least.

Yes, most of us would have preferred just skipping 2020 altogether.

But let’s not forget that 2020 offered us something valuable too.


It offered us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to work harder, more efficiently, and to be more creative with our social media and PR communications. It has certainly been the case for the companies we work for. We’re happy to report that this year brought some excellent results for our clients,  and we’re pleased to have helped them grow in 2020.


Here they are, OggaDoon PR & Digital Marketing Awards 2020

As voted democratically by OggaDoon team

  1. Best App – Pryvate
  2. Best Crowdfund – Bird Buddy
  3. Biggest Digital Growth – Konsulter Group
  4. Best PR Campaign – Bird Buddy
  5. Industry Standout in Health – Forth
  6. Industry Standout in Green – Halo
  7. Industry Standout in Cyber – BlackDice
  8. Industry Standout in Tech – Demand Logic
  9. Industry Standout in Property – The Distillery
  10. Lifetime Achievement – Bristol Credit Union

It’s been our pleasure and passion to have worked with these clients in 2020, supporting their communications across social media, PR, or digital marketing campaigns. And now, we want to congratulate them all and assure them of our ongoing commitment to help them grow.

Follow us on social media (@OggaDoon – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram), to see the full disclosure of these fabulous awards.


Do you want to see excellent results for your business too? Get in touch with us today.

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