One Year On: Joining OggaDoon

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Because of the social world we live in, it was not one, not two, but three social channels that reminded me this week that I have been a part of the OggaDoon team for one year.
A huge amount can change in a year. I certainly think that I have grown in the last year, alongside my encouraging – and challenging! – colleagues, and it’s encouraging to see that OggaDoon itself has grown and expanded too. As I sit and reflect (eating my favourite cake from Hart’s bakery, of course), it strikes me that I’ve seen mirrored growth in both myself and company in these four ways:
1. The challenge to try
On my first day at OggaDoon, I was told several things that probably didn’t sink in, but one did: it’s up to you to challenge us. Caroline and the rest of the OggaDoon team didn’t want someone to just join and obey – it was down to me to bring fresh ideas, new approaches, and different ways of working. It wasn’t something always encouraged in my previous roles, and I’ve flourished in pushing the boat out.
2. The opportunity to try again
With experimentation comes new learning. It can range from trying out a new tone of voice on social, to creating a blog that is slightly off brand to draw in a new audience. Being brave enough to say that something didn’t work as well as we had predicted is something I had never experienced within a communications environment, and I’ve learned to embrace the learnings from each and every action to ensure that my next move is even better.
3. The joy of teamwork
Love the team! We’re fortunate at OggaDoon to have a dynamic creative team that doesn’t seek to compete against each other, but against the metrics. There’s no back biting or office gossip – and that’s something rather unusual in any workplace! We work hard to keep it that way, and I’ve found myself so much more relaxed at work than I thought it was possible to be. All I need to concentrate on – and worry about – is delivering my very best work.
4. The chance to soar
At OggaDoon, there are no limits on how far someone can go to succeed, providing you can prove yourself. It’s liberating to think that I can continue to grow, be supported, and be challenged with every passing week and month. It’s fulfilling to see how far I have already come.

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