When you meet an inspiring leader, you can’t help but want to work with them – and our client Merle Hall is an inspiration to many, with a recent Telegraph feature sharing insights for businesses employing part-time workers reaching over 3.5 million readers around the world.

After returning to work just six months after starting a family, Merle began her journey at Kinneir Dufort, the international design consultancy with a turnover in 2017 of £8m. She went on to lead a successful management buyout of the company alongside Chief Design Officer, Craig Wightman in 2016. Merle is now one of the few female CEOs running a design consultancy in the UK. She’s a passionate speaker and advocate for inclusivity within diversity, and for a sustained quality of life within and without the office.
So how did we orchestrate her inclusion in the Telegraph article entitled ‘Ways that small firms can integrate irregular workers into the team’?
Spot the opportunity
Know your journalists, and keep an eye on what they are looking for to include in their latest piece. We spotted that Hajra Rahim, journalist at the Telegraph, was seeking insight and opinions from SME management on how to keep a team cohesive when there were different working patterns involved – something that we knew Merle could speak on with experience.
Have the right pitch
But that didn’t mean that Hajra knew about Merle’s insight. We had to clearly and concisely pitch Merle into the piece, demonstrating that Merle was not only a good option, but the best option. This comes down to knowing your audience – both the journalist, and the title that they are writing for – and tailoring your pitch to their needs.
Be prepared to give more
As soon as you believe that you have delivered all that the journalist needs, be prepared to discover otherwise. Due to the detailed nature of the piece, Hajra requested additional details from Merle, and it was our responsibility to mediate between the two, ensuring that Hajra got everything that she needed for the piece, and Merle communicated in a way that she knew represented her views, and the office culture at Kinneir Dufort.
Deadlines are everything
Print deadlines are static: there’s only so much movement within them before you reach a hard stop, so paying attention to those deadlines is absolutely critical. When confirmation on a quote was requested when Merle was in an all-day meeting, we worked closely with the Kinneir Dufort team to get the quote confirmed without disrupting Merle’s appointments – and the proof is in the print.

“A common mistake is to assume that only people with young families want to work part time, but do this and you’re limiting your recruitment capabilities,” she explained. “Flexibility around reduced working hours, whatever the rationale, can be a competitive advantage in securing top talent.”
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