Small businesses are key players in every economy, whether it’s local, national, or global. In the UK, they generate 60% of all private sector jobs in the entire nation. It goes without saying that small businesses truly are the backbone of our economy.

Here at OggaDoon PR and Digital Marketing, we couldn’t be more proud to be among organisations like these. That’s why we’re focusing our efforts on doing whatever we can to help small businesses in our community stay afloat.

We’ve been ordering delivery from our favorite restaurants and shopping local whenever we can, but we’ve also wanted other safe and effective ways to show we care. So, we started leaving online reviews.

Online reviews

Online reviews are a contact-free (actually, totally free) method to show some love to the best spots in your neighborhood. Whether it’s a café you want to review on Yelp, or a cultural center you want to direct future visitors to through TripAdvisor, these platforms go a long way in establishing trust between businesses and their potential clients. 

However, when it comes to service providers (like us at OggaDoon), where to leave an online review isn’t as obvious. That’s why we want to recognize Clutch, a platform specifically for B2B ratings and reviews. In fact, we actually do have our own profile, where our past clients have been kind enough to leave us wonderful feedback on our services.

In our most recent project featured on Clutch, we helped an ICT network infrastructure platform with their PR and communications, and their marketing director remarked on some of our team’s strongest points.

“I like the way they collaborate. […] Their team can easily translate my thoughts and ideas into formal press releases extremely quickly.” 

Give us your feedback

We’re incredibly proud of this kind of feedback. It makes a difference when our would-be clients are deciding whether we’re the right fit for their project. We greatly appreciate reviews like these and know your favorite businesses, shops, and providers would too.

You can also head to Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, which highlights top companies and agencies around the world, in case you’re looking for a vendor to help you complete your goals.

And of course, if you have a PR or marketing need, you can help out a small business by getting in touch today!