With website traffic up nearly 50%, it’s clear the world has moved online. 

From increased time spent on social media, to an increase in the average number of pages viewed from a single Google search, your customers have shifted location and have consequently transformed the business landscape to purely digital. 

This is your chance. 

For many businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered an unprecedented struggle from reduced sales, loss of revenue, and hindered growth. Here at OggaDoon, we have some sage advice to help get your business back on track.

Your customers have not disappeared! They have merely shifted online and you need to be prepared to claim them back. 

This starts with a digital reboot. 

As a top digital marketing agency with years of experience and fresh new digital knowledge, we know that the way to keep your customers engaged is to fight fire with fire and increase your digital marketing. 

This needs to come in the form of a refreshed social media presence, a re-organised website, the creation of new sales pipelines, and serious focus on SEO/ Google ranking. It’s because of this increasingly important digital presence that we’ve launched our new service: Digital Reboot.

We will start by undertaking a full digital assessment. Then, it’s time to get to work. We’ll reboot your social media, update your CMS, interrogate your branding, sales pipeline, and press coverage. It will then be a case of developing a killer digital marketing strategy ready to get you back on track.

Are you ready for your digital reboot to start? Yes.