While you are off on your sun seeking ventures, here are a few handy tips to keep your clients happy while you are away. You don’t want to stress about angry emails lying in your inbox because you have forgotten to mention to anyone that you’re not around – a little thought ahead of time will save you a world of worry. So sit back on that deserted shore sipping Pina Colada out of a pineapple without worrying you are going to return to a train wreck on your return, thanks to these time saving marketing tips . . .
Have a guerrilla communications plan of action that maintains your online presence as usual while you are away. It can work as seamlessly as if you are sitting in your office, and your customers want to know that even though it’s the summer, it’s business as usual.
Schedule social media posts in advance. There are many tools now online that make social scheduling in advance easy and quick to do, and although it may feel like a hassle writing it all in advance, you’ll be glad you did.
Make sure your Out Of Office message is friendly, clear, and most importantly doesn’t leave people in the cold if there is an urgent matter. Always have a back-up plan i.e. a colleague who can act on your behalf if necessary.
Offer people additional downloadable resources in your absence, to retain potential customer or client interest. i.e. I am out of the office, but in the meantime please read this blog post on ‘How to work Out Of Office’ (see what we did there?).
Set up an automated workflow of email communications to nurture and support clients or enquiring leads while you are away i.e. Download our free e-book on ‘5 Ways Guerrilla Marketing Will Transform Your Business’.
Make sure that you respond to people within 48 hours of getting back into the office! There is nothing more frustrating than being told by an automated response that someone will get back to you soon, and then two weeks later you finally receive that email.
As you can see, a lot of work can continue as usual by scheduling in advance and putting some automated systems in place, so clients and potential clients aren’t left hanging while you are enjoying yourself. It is crucial to any successful business that your client never feels abandoned and can still trust in your services while you also get a proper break from the office, without being harassed from your hammock because you weren’t prepared.