How can I save time marketing my SME?

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In the increasingly noisy digital world, where brands feel they need to be online 24/7 to engage the mobile audience, many of us feel like we need an extra day every week just to cover it all…
So to help you manage your marketing efforts more effectively we’ve put together 7 time-saving tips.
Marketing Objectives
First off, if you don’t have clear objectives and a strategy in place to meet them, you could be wasting time on marketing tactics that are not helping you reach your goals.
What are you hoping to achieve? Do you want to increase reach with a particular segment this year? Which social media channels will help you reach your different audiences? What content would engage them? How are you measuring success?
According to the Content Marketing Institute, those with a documented content marketing strategy are more likely to feel effective, so write down your strategy and share it with relevant stakeholders in your business.
Content marketing editorial calendar
We love an editorial calendar. Content marketing is increasingly taking marketing teams towards a publishing model, where editorial plans are used to manage content in advance.
Your calendar does not need to be anything too fancy – a simple spreadsheet is enough with all your key dates, SEO keywords, content, and assigned creators and deadlines.
Primarily this calendar helps you to manage your time more efficiently. You can plan evergreen content, which can be used at any time such as “top tips blogs” as well as national themes such as Mother’s Day.
With this content planned in you are freed up to react to real-time marketing trends as they come up and ensure that any reactive marketing is top quality and relevant to your brand (and not a social media Red Lobster.)
Analyse and act
Analysing digital stats takes time and a level of expertise, but it is essential. In fact, the analytics are one of the most exciting part of digital marketing as so much can be tracked.
Ensure that you have clear metrics in place and automate reports where possible. As long as you learn from things that are not working, it’s not been a waste of time. You can use your stats to assess whether the time you are spending on various tactics is paying off.
Time-saving tools
There are lots of time-saving tools available – both free and paid-for – out there to help you manage your marketing output. At the very least, think about using a social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to manage your social media schedules. Tagboard is also a useful tool to track hashtags in real time and sentiment; you can use this as a way to amplify your top social content.
Repurposing content
With every piece of content you produce, it makes sense to think about the multiple ways it can be used to maximise its use and ROI. For instance, if you’re writing a guide to a particular topic before you start writing think about ways it can be repurposed into :
  • a series of blog posts
  • a short social media video introducing the key points of the guide
  • a slideshare presentation
  • a Linkedin Pulse article
  • an email newsletter
Visuals are increasingly driving engagement, and therefore it is good to use consistent visuals throughout which can resized for the various channels.
Outsourcing marketing and PR
Do you have the time and resource internally to cover all your marketing and PR needs?It may that outsourcing some of your marketing and PR budget, could help your team internally focus on specific business objectives. For instance, outsourcing PR to a team with relevant industry contacts, will free up your time from chasing up releases. Content creation, SEO, and social media management are all time-consuming activities which require people to keep up to date with the latest trends.
If you are outsourcing, look for an agency with a flexible approach who will fit in with your team and brand ethos. It’s worth doing some research by checking out testimonials and agency specialisms.
We hope our tips will help you make more of your time, in order that you can concentrate on meeting your business objectives.
We specialise in guerrilla marketing. Click below and download a free infographic that explains How Guerrilla Marketing Works.
Author: Carolyn

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