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Social Media Breakdown: Digital Marketing with Instagram

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Instagram is one of the fastest rising social media platforms. Since launching in 2010, Instagram has not only changed its look and introduced some features that were quickly imitated by its competitors (Stories and Polls to name a few), but it’s become the most-used social channel around. Between 2016 and 2018, it’s membership doubled.

Of its 1 billion active users, 60% open the app every day, making it the most engaged platform, despite having only 1 third of the users of Facebook. It has affected how people use the internet, scrolling faster than ever due to its visual appeal, and hooking into the dopamine hit achieved by receiving continuous gratification in the form of Likes.

80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, with 60% discovering new products on the platform. However, 90% of Instagram’s users are under 35 years old, so if your target audience is over 50 or under 15, you may not want to join the 25 million companies that are currently active there.

Using Instagram

If your company is selling a visual product or service, Instagram was made for you. As long as you have a clear and memorable brand, you’ll have no trouble attracting followers and likes to your page. If your business isn’t naturally aligned with visual sales, that doesn’t mean you should avoid the platform altogether. Share behind the scenes stories, little up dates from the day to day working of your company, what your team is doing, and how others could benefit from what you’re delivering.

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram users are over 70% more likely to buy products on mobile that non-users, with over a third of users using their phone to shop online. It’s this kind of statistic which proves the increased chance of click through and sales conversion from Instagram advertising, not to mention the awareness raising through increased audience reach. 2 million brands are now advertising on Instagram, so if you’ve got the budget, jump on board. Just remember that as Instagram is owned by Facebook, you’ll need to manage your Ads through Facebook Business Manager.

Influencer ads

But using Instagram’s own advertising tool isn’t the only way to reach new followers. Instagram has birthed the social media influencer. It started with celebrities like the Kardashians subtly promoting products that their following instantly bought, but now, anyone can do it – normal people who have influence in their industries, whether that be fashion, sport, or even cleaning. Research and identify the key influencers in your field, and connect with them for trustworthy and effective advertising.

Tag it

70% of the most used hashtags on Instagram are branded, so make sure you are not only hooking into the tags used by others in your industry, but also creating your own. Hashtags are used by people exploring Instagram for new content, making them more open to your brand than those who stick to their own newsfeeds – so make the most of them! Average engagement on Instagram posts has increased 416% in the past two years, so you need to be tapping into every resource the platform has available.

Tell your story

Stories are one of the most popular features of Instagram, and one that sets it apart even from other platforms with similar programmes. Stories are quick snapshots where you can showcase what you’re doing – behind the scenes at the office, events your attending, etc. They last for only 24 hours, but can be saved onto your profile as Highlights if you want to permanently showcase certain aspects of your brand.

There’s a lot of stats to take in when it comes to social media’s hottest rising star! If you’re still not sure if Instagram – or any social channel – is the right fit for you, then we can help. Contact our team of Insta experts today, and find out how OggaDoon can help bear the weight of your social media woes.

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