YellowDog was keen to support the sales team with a marketing strategy that could generate inbound leads by demonstrating both the rendering platform and the ability of the technical customer support team.

We created a content marketing strategy over two months that demonstrated not only YellowDog’s shared virtual experience, but also their knowledge of the industry’s challenges, their technical expertise, and their vision for offering solutions to visual effects artists and studios.

Over the two months five core content pieces were created: a blog laying out YellowDog’s vision for VFX studios; a mini blog series comparing render engines; a case study with a Bristol and London based studio, nineteentwenty, showcasing YellowDog’s incredible delivery; an opinion piece proving our knowledge of the industry; and a case study with an industry respected freelance visual effects artist. Each content piece was crafted to directly inform, intrigue and engage key decision makers in visual effects studios, and was shared across YellowDog’s social media channels.

This resulted in a 66% in website traffic throughout the duration of the content campaign and one £15,000 sale  attributed to the content we had created.

To learn more about the creative content marketing strategy and press work read the full case study here.

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