Technology is ever evolving, and so must the comms that go with it – including software marketing. 

Software marketing faces challenges that other types of marketing don’t. We recently secured 700 app downloads, 700% increase in website visits, and a 150% increase in Twitter engagement for an app launch from scratch – read about how we managed it here

Technology companies in the B2B sector can struggle to reach investors and decision makers on digital platforms due to the amount of noise and the increasingly saturated market place. We’ve learnt from experience about how to overcome these challenges in order to create and implement an unstoppable software marketing strategy in the tech sector and these are a quick summary of our best tips: 

DO communicate the brands personal and unique story. 

DON’T alienate audiences with technical jargon.

When it comes to software marketing, many companies make the mistake of using overly technical jargon to communicate what the product does. Whilst you need to communicate effectively exactly what your product does, make sure you personalise the comms to suit the audience. 

DO invest in a long term social media strategy.

DON’T underestimate the effectiveness of having an experienced communicator representing your brand online. 

Having an online presence is a necessity for most brands on a very basic level to prove credibility. For software marketing it’s essential to have an on-going strategy to show audiences that you’re relevant, active and thought-leaders in the industry. 

DO speak to us today to find out how we can use our expertise to help your business grow. 

DON’T assume people will know of and understand your product without investing in software marketing and communications. 

Your product could be life changing but success only comes when people know about how amazing it is. Communication is key to growth – whether investment, client numbers, or turnover

We don’t just talk the talk. See the results from previous software marketing campaigns we’ve done here, and get in touch to leverage the same expertise for your business.