There’s a reason that unboxing videos took over the internet for a while in the late 2000s: because it is far easier to land coverage for products than software PR in the UK.

Everyone wants to see someone open a fancy box and reveal an impressive (and of course, rose gold), piece of consumer technology. It creates an experience that is aspirational, beautiful, and of course, drool-worthy.

It’s far more challenging to make financial modelling software that exciting – and that is just one of the challenges we tackle here at OggaDoon HQ. 

Huge numbers of our clients are tech software and they want us to land software PR in the UK.

So we do. Over 188m impressions in 6 months for just one client

And we go beyond software PR in the UK – we’ve hit global coverage for our clients who already operate worldwide, and for those who want to expand. 

What are the secrets?

Software PR in the UK

Well, we cannot reveal all of them here (obviously), so if you want the fast track, get in touch. In the meantime, read our 6 tips which you can implement right now to make landing software PR easier. 

1. Keep your social up to date.

When was the last time you updated your company’s Twitter cover photo? Checked the hashtags in your Instagram bio? Updated key team members on LinkedIn?

It’s critical that your digital shop window is kept up to date, otherwise the casual glance from a journalist will inform them that not only is your social media not current, but perhaps your technology isn’t either.

2. Try out the Google test.

Before writing about any person or business, a journalist will do one thing: complete the Google test. This is very much what it says on the tin. They will Google the name of the person or brand and see what comes up.

What are they looking for? Evidence that you know what you are talking about. If they search for you and absolutely nothing comes up, then perhaps you are not as present in your own industry as you say you are. If they search for you, and up pops your company website, a rather nice profile of you in Forbes, and an article you wrote for an industry leading title, then all of a sudden it’s a very different story.

Journalists have very limited time, and they want to be confident that they are not going to be wasting their time speaking to you. Make it easy for them to feel comfortable you are exactly the source they need.

Software PR in the UK

3. Try out the shouting pub test.

A slightly different approach, but here at OggaDoon we absolutely swear by the shouting pub test. 

It’s as simple as this: can you explain what your business does in one sentence whilst shouting over a crowd in a pub?

If not, you need to rethink things. Journalists who work in software PR in the UK want the absolute best cutting edge technology, but they also need a soundbite-worthy overview sentence. If you cannot give them that, it’s going to be a very challenging sell.

4. Decide what your software PR targets are in the UK (and beyond).

Not all software press titles are created equally. Some have huge audiences, and some are highly influential – and they are not always the same titles. You cannot please them all, so we recommend reviewing all the software PR targets in the UK and beyond, and choosing a hitlist. Those are the ones you want to feature in over the next quarter.

This will help to focus your mind and your positioning, ensuring that you are giving the journalists at those titles the sort of information they are typically looking for.

5. Explore new ways to communicate.

It’s not all about the digital reading spacing, and it hasn’t been purely about print for years. To best take advantage of the reach which is out there, your brand needs to think about new ways to communicate, and one great way to do that is through podcasts.

There is a podcast for every type of person: whatever you love, there will be a podcast for it. That means that no matter what your target audience, there will be a podcast targeted towards them. Leveraging these spaces for your advertising, product mentions, or even founder interviews should be a priority for you. 

6. Say yes!

It’s easy to say no, but you’ll probably have more fun saying yes – and you never know where it’s going to lead.

Some of our biggest successes in landing software PR coverage in the UK has come from being bold and saying yes: we will pitch that wild idea, we will invite the journalist to your event, we will create a campaign, we will convince our client to go on live television!

Each and every time, it’s created outstanding reach for our client, and given us the satisfaction of a job well done.

Sound like a lot of hard work? Honestly, it is. Securing high quality and consistent coverage for software PR in the UK requires strategy, creative campaigns, a strong network of journalists and influencers, and time. 

Need some help landing your brand press coverage? Get in touch now to learn how we deliver.