This July, in partnership with the London College of Fashion, SETsquared presents a two-day fashion hackathon. Bringing together the worlds of fashion and tech to develop new, innovative ideas, this event will result in some irresistible business ideas over just 48 hours. Expect to see global fashion names, as well as business leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation.
OggaDoon has recently teamed up with SETsquared, and we couldn’t have picked a better time. SETsquared plays a vital role in bringing together industry and the wealth of talent at its five partner universities, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey. This makes it a hotbed of innovation and creative thinking, so it’s no surprise that SETsquared events are always worth attending, for their originality and forward-thinking approach.
If you’re interested in innovation, and fancy giving your skills a boost, you can apply to this event here. If you work in fashion, tech or just need a bit of OggaDoon help in getting your business idea off the ground, give us a call, we love a challenge.