A story of crafting a campaign for the launch of an app

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Recently OggaDoon worked with a unique new app, born and developed in Devon, in which you can borrow things you need and lend out stuff you have, anytime, anywhere. Appropriately called Borrow-It.
Using our guerrilla approach, we crafted a three-month campaign following the traditional AIDA marketing process to launch Borrow-It into the Bristol community. The focus was to increase awareness of the brand and concept, as well as growing the reach to ultimately stimulate demand for the app. The creative campaign consisted of a variation of activities focused on different target markets; from social media posts to Facebook advertising, press releases to web releases, visual imagery to media relations; we had it covered.
To launch Borrow-It to local press and networks, we cleverly constructed a press release and engaging pictorials, further supporting the take-off with dynamic social content to signpost followers to visit the website and get downloading the app. The press work generated features, mentions and shares by selected Bristol influencers: Bristol Post, Bristol 24/7, Low Carbon South West, EcoJam, Single Slummy Mummy and Bristol Pound.
Targeted engagement was key to raising awareness of the brand, as we researched and developed mini-campaigns for each theme’s audience: Money Saving Mum, Black Friday, Give & Share at Christmas, Un-wanted Presents, Back to Uni and Weekly Recommendations. To do this we reached out to the WI community, third-party influencers and third-party social networks within Bristol, with relevant web releases, visual branded content, CTA testimonials and TechHub and DJ Mook quotes.
This created a tonne of impressions and a higher engagement rate, especially when tagging relevant influencers in the posts: Single Slummy Mummy (72,300 followers), Bristol Mum (26,300 followers) Ecojam (6,205 followers) and relevant networks: Bargain hunter tips + trick (24,353 members), Free to collector in Bristol (18,973 members) BS3 Connect (9,560 members).
We combined organic social with a Facebook advertising campaign focused on targeting mums in Bristol with 3 advert types: children, DIY, fitness – as this corresponds with many of the items ready for ‘lending’ on the app. The campaign saw 17k impressions across the 3 adverts, with 5k of this number being our target audience; meaning each person viewed an ad at least 3 times. The strongest visuals included people and actions within them, creating a ‘real’ aspect that makes the call-to-action easier to relate to. This is important as it’s a community based app that relies on people talking to and trusting each other, balancing aspirational ideologies with the everyday needs of real people.
The campaign successfully raised awareness across social media and the press as we were able to reach out to a diverse range of communities and networks, as well as develop the brand presence.

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