A photo of Halo's sustainable coffee pods

‘The world’s best coffee, in a way that’s best for the world’

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60 billion coffee pods were created in 2018 alone.

114,155 coffee pods are made worldwide every minute.

And up to 90,000 coffee pods are dumped in landfill or the oceans every minute.

This is a huge problem – but luckily Halo coffee has a solution. 

In 2017, Halo was born with one clear goal in mind: to produce the world’s best coffee, in a way that’s best for the world. They created a compostable coffee pod using waste sugarcane and paper pulp that is suitable for domestic compost. The coffee pod, along with all its packaging is 100% compostable, meaning wherever the packaging ends up, it won’t be there for long.

Innovation like this is essential to becoming a more sustainable consumer society. Not only are the pods sustainable after use, they’re also sourced extremely sustainably. In fact, Halo collects the waste bagasse from sugarcane factories to use as the basis for their pods, in turn creating a circular economy. 

Here at OggaDoon, we love Halo. We’re all huge coffee drinkers (especially Claire) and only enjoy great tasting coffee; the Three Mountain blend is a personal favourite. So, by combining rich, excellent flavour with even better sustainability standards, we believe Halo are doing a smashing job and are an obvious no brainer.

It’s an exciting time for the coffee industry – check them out here.

If you’d like to know how we’re working with Halo to reach new, relevant customers, drop us a line.

Author: Bobby Marsh

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