If you’ve ever dipped a toe into the world of digital marketing, you’ll know it can be hard to navigate and often confusing. This isn’t helped by all the difficult jargon and metrics used. We’re here to add some clarity…

So what do the digital marketing metrics mean?

MUV: Monthly Unique Visitors

This is the number of individual users who visit your website per month. This gives you a clear indication how many separate customers you are attracting, removing confusion from users who visit multiple times.

CPC: Cost Per Click

This is the amount of money it costs you and your business every time someone clicks on your advert. This is a metric almost exclusively used for paid advertising.

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition

This metric is tricky to understand, it’s very similar to CPC except it goes beyond just a click. This calculated the amount it costs you and your business to acquire a paying customer. 

CTR: Click Through Rate

This metric is extremely common and is used in email marketing, paid advertising, social media insights, website insights and a whole lot more. The CTR is a percentage which indicates the proportion of users who clicked on the link, out of all the users who saw the post.

PPC: Pay Per Click

This is less of a metric and more of a term. PPC is commonly synonymous with search engine advertising. Whether it’s Google or Bing, or another search engine. PPC is the type of advertising where businesses literally pay for clicks.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is another percentage which indicates how many of the users who clicked through to a website immediately left the page once it loaded without spending any time reading or making any other clicks on the page. Basically it shows you who falsely clicked.

How will these digital metrics affect my business?

If you have a website, have put money into advertising, or include links on your social media, these metrics are essential to optimising your investment, revenue, and business. Digital marketing metrics indicate how engaging your content is and whether you customers are biting. 
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