B2B tech PR

The 7 secrets of B2B tech PR

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Press and media relations are critical for any business to succeed – but B2B tech PR is a different kind of challenge than consumer-led press. We’ve delivered a reach of over 147m for Zeetta Networks in less than a year, 51 pieces of press coverage for YellowDog in one year, and gain high impact quality B2B tech PR coverage through our connections.

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B2B tech PR

For any B2B tech brand to succeed, you need to communicate. Whether you’re seeking investment, customer growth, or international expansion, gaining press coverage is key – but before we delve into our secrets…

What is B2B tech PR?

B2B means Business to Business: one business selling something to another. That could be a service or product, from any industry in any country – but the key difference is that you’re not selling to the person on the street.

That means your contact to contract time is far longer than a B2C, or Business to Consumer sales cycle. If an individual sees something they want to buy online, they usually can with just one click.

That’s not how it works in the B2B world. The procurement process can be a lengthy one, in some cases more than eighteen months. That means you have a high number of people you need to influence, and press coverage is essential to that.

Why is B2B tech PR important?

Because of the lengthy sales process for B2B tech businesses it’s critical to be ever present in their space. You need to demonstrate your impact to your industry, your knowledge, your expertise, how you are disrupting and what benefit you are bringing.

Yes, you could continuously spam your potential sales lead with this information – but we’re willing to bet that it will just switch them off until you’re wondering why they’re not returning your calls.

It’s far more impressive to have the social proof (literally that someone else in their social circle recommending you) that you matter in your industry. A great way to do that is to land press coverage in B2B tech titles. 

As your press reach grows, so does the possibility of your conversations.

So what are the seven B2B tech PR secrets?

1.Your industry matters

Not just to you, but to tech press specialists like us, too. Which industry you are in – from robotics to cloud, 5G to design – will affect the tactics leveraged to land coverage in B2B tech titles. It changes the expectations of your founder, the impression you need to give, and some of the potential pitfalls that we need to avoid.

Delving into your industry is just one of the bonuses of our delivery, because we’re already working with some of the leading businesses in the world of tech. We’ve even helped one client land 25+ pieces of press coverage and generate a £1m pipeline at one event.

2. Your jargon is only as good as your explanation

No one likes jargon…only sometimes they do.

It’s one of the continuous challenges we have when working with B2B tech PR – some journalists love jargon and want to be deeply involved in understanding your technology, and some of them couldn’t care less and want to focus instead on the impact and value your technology brings.

When you don’t know the journalists, that can be hard to gauge.

3. Specialists love specialists

Know your niche. B2B tech PR coverage is already a pretty specific niche, but trust us: you can get more niche. Think cloud is niche? There are multiple cloud tech business titles that each focus on a slightly different angle or approach – and a story that lands with one editor would be immediately deleted by another.

Finding the specialist journalists will take time, but once you find a specialist that aligns with your brand offering, they are gold dust.

4. Finding the right stories can take time

Not every story is pressworthy. It can be hard to hear as a founder of a company, but not everyone is going to care that you have moved to a new office.

In fact, no one may care.

Whenever we speak with a journalist, the question is always: “Why should I care?”

If we cannot give a high quality reason why a journalist should spend more than a minute talking to us about the story, then that conversation could be drawn to a close.

It’s why we are always honest and direct with our clients when we think a story won’t land with a particular title. There’s no point flogging a dead horse, and we’re highly sensitive to the types of stories that will fly, and those which will fall flat.

5. Journalists move – and their interests change too

Just when you think you’ve found that perfect specialist journalist – they move. It’s a full time job, keeping track of where journalists have moved to, and when they move from one title to another they may be given a completely different beat.

That doesn’t mean that they no longer care about cybersecurity, if that was their previous focus – it just means that their editor is unlikely to let them submit a story on cybersecurity if their new focus is smart cities.

However, all is not lost. That journalist should be able to point you in the right direction of someone who still wants to hear your cybersecurity stories, and so you broaden your network.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients what they read

The last thing you want to do is throw all your B2B tech PR efforts in one direction, just to realise further on down the line that none of your target clients are even reading that title.

The best thing is to ask your current clients what they are reading. Their answers may surprise you, giving you a different opportunity to land tech PR coverage.

7. Quality press coverage takes time

If it was as easy as snapping your fingers, everyone would be doing it. There’s a reason that high quality B2B tech PR coverage is valuable, and that’s because not everyone has it. We invest in growing relationships with journalists for just this reason, but that doesn’t mean we can ever guarantee coverage. What we can guarantee is our expertise to place the right story at the right time with the right title.

Here at OggaDoon HQ, we are the experts at landing B2B tech PR both nationally and internationally. You want your business to grow – time to pick up the phone. Schedule a call now.

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