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Increasing brand awareness

Property marketing for a Bristol-based office building in the midst of the pandemic came as a challenge, no doubt. The initial brief was to establish a digital and social media presence for The Distillery in order to increase brand awareness and generate leads for potential office tenants during the construction period. We broke this down into several objectives: (1) Generate interest from potential office tenants, city voices and journalists through social and digital media. (2) Create, establish and grow Twitter and LinkedIn social media accounts and engagement for Royal London Asset Management’s speculative office building, The Distillery. (3) Develop the brand and tone of voice for The Distillery focusing on the messaging to engage with potential tenants and contemporary offices.

Growing digital presence

Our efforts went into strategy formulation, copy creation, social media management and visual identity development across social media. Through weekly social media content, we achieved notable results across LinkedIn and Twitter, the two platforms that we managed on behalf of The Distillery. Year on year, this translated into: 600% increase in the average CTR on LinkedIn, 590% increase in Twitter followers, and 140.5% increase on LinkedIn followers. In addition, we increased impressions (from an average 100 in March 2020 to 4,000 in February 2021 and reactions (from c5 in March 2020 to nearly 90 in February 2021) on LinkedIn, reaching our objectives of generating brand awareness and a digital presence for The Distillery.


Many companies have been affected by Covid-19, especially in the construction field. Furthermore, at the beginning of the pandemic, the back-then-normal was abruptly challenged by the “new normal”, which implied the start of the work-from-home for most. In this context, generating interest in renting office spaces seemed like going against all market trends.


Instead of letting ourselves be overwhelmed by the market’s prospects, we planned and executed, always with our objectives in mind. From industry research, to brand identity development and analytics, our core effort revolved around the weekly social media content creation that was key to generating digital brand awareness. This covered best-in-class formats, such as single posts, carousels, animations, gifs and videos, highlighting the office space features, construction updates from Kier construction team, third party articles or bios and brand values. All these were topped up bespoke designs and catchy, yet very customised captions, to attract CTR.
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Guerilla Tactics Used:

Organic social media

Content Creation


Leads generation


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