Have you heard about The Distillery? No, not that distillery…

The Distillery at Glassfields is a striking new office development by Royal London Asset Management in the heart of our beloved Bristol. It’s the only new-build office building in Bristol in 2020 and will comprise a stunning nine-storey building with enviable views of the city, and two six-storey buildings joined together by a unique set of link bridges, all protected in a ‘covered street’.

But it gets even better. The Distillery is under construction on the historic Glassfield site, which has a past as a historic gin distillery and tobacco pipe manufacturer. So what does this mean?

Drum roll please… The Distillery will be making its own gin! 

The office will have a glorious ‘living green wall’ where they will grow botanicals to flavour the home-distilled gin, as well as maintaining a cohesive copper theme running throughout the buildings to reflect the distillery theme.

The Distillery is perfectly placed as the right space for those businesses who have or are about to experience growth (particularly those increasing headcount) or are reasonably established. Especially as tenants can have a choice of office space from a room, to a whole floor, to a whole building, dependent on availability.

So, if you’re looking to grow and need a whole floor or more, The Distillery might be just for you. We know it’s going to be very popular among all the gin lovers out there.

Check out The Distillery on Twitter and LinkedIn or drop an email to andy.smith@knightfrank.com to see how they can accommodate your growing business. 


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