One of the joys of working closely with press titles and journalists here at OggaDoon is that we hear of all the wild and wacky articles that they are planning before the general public.
Some of them certainly put a smile on our faces, especially those that come with absolutely no context, so for your own delight, here are some of our favourites…
“The psychology behind loving rain.” Petrichorphilia, perhaps?
“Looking for veterinarian who can talk teeth.” Ouch!
“Article on marijuana stocks.” Could this just be a sting by police forces?
“How AR/VR can help the elderly.” We actually want to read this one!
“When to cancel plans.” For millennials, no doubt…
“Hunting for family-friendly Oktoberfest.” Yes – sign us up!
“What to do if you don’t like a family member’s significant other.” Never a comfortable topic.
“What I wish I knew before I started raising chickens.” – for Chicken Magazine. Yup, no joke.
“My bizarre talent.” Who wouldn’t want to read the submissions for this?
And potentially our favourite of all…
“What are butterflies?”
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