This week OggaDoon made the switch from remote working and hot-desking, to our first ever permanent office! It sounds like the opposite of what most companies are doing these days, with full-time office work falling out of favour, but our new setup is a little different.
We’re excited to be one of the first companies to move into the Runway East Bristol, a space that offers permanent, dedicated, and co-working places for tech and creative companies. The move means we will still have the benefits of a co-working location, but with the added benefits of a place we can called home – plus, we’ve got our own private door to the roof terrace!
But we don’t want to just brag about our fancy new location. In the past few years, co-working spaces have begun to transform the ways businesses work, and we reckon it’s time that everyone got the memo.
Office environments can be hostile
We’ve all worked somewhere that we felt was less than perfect. From windowless rooms to oppressive cubicles, most of us understand the dwindling creativity caused by unpleasant work environments.
Saving money
The 2008 recession saw a spike in remote working and hot-desking as many companies slashed office budgets. Now, it’s the norm, and it could even end up making you money… you never know if today’s desk neighbour could become tomorrow’s business lead.
Move with the times
People complain about millennials, but the fact is, they’re now settled into the global workforce for the foreseeable future, and if a company wants to attract hot new talent it needs to appeal to younger generations. It sounds fickle, but an attractive workspace matters to the leaders of tomorrow, and if your company seems like its trailing behind, you may not be able to hire the recruits you’re looking for.
Meeting new people
For OggaDoon, there is one thing that always contributes our decisions, and that’s networking. Where can we meet exciting new people? Our new space is rife with some of Bristol and the South West’s most exciting tech talent, and that’s something companies should bear in mind when choosing a space. Is it just you and your team stuck within the same four walls, or do you have the opportunity to get out there and meet potential new clients and friends?
Want to see our new space? Come in for a coffee and a chat about your PR needs, and we’ll show you around. Get in touch today.