Email automation is one of the best ways of ensuring engagement from new subscribers to your mailing lists. With email automation, you can warm a new subscriber to your content and engage them in what you do, even if they’ve just missed your latest newsletter. In this blog we cover three reasons why you need to introduce email automation into your email on boarding process.

On boarding

Automated emails introduce a new subscriber to your newsletter without the need to manually acknowledge their subscription. Here at OggaDoon, we have three automated emails which are sent out to our new subscribers: first thanking them for their subscription, and then two follow-ups offering exclusive content and helpful marketing guides.


These emails ensure that our subscribers know exactly what they’re getting from us. By offering them something just for signing up, we know that they haven’t been forgotten about, and they know that their subscription means something to us. Depending on when in the cycle someone subscribes, it could mean that they are waiting 3 weeks for our newsletter to come through, so automations let us know that they are never left hanging.

Saving time

Automation in itself is all about saving time, and email automation is no different. As previously mentioned, automated emails negate the need for a manual responses (although most mailers have an autoresponder acknowledging a new sign up) so you can guarantee both successful on-boarding and increased engagement without the need to set a reminder to do this yourself.

Has email automation got you scratching your head? Not sure of what to say and when to say it? Don’t worry, here at OggaDoon we can do all of this stuff for you. Looking at your insights, retention rates and global analytics to get your automation timing right and crafting compelling messages to onboard your customers and generate excitement.