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Why You Need App Marketing Before You Launch

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Creating an app is no easy feat. Beyond the development of the app, there’s the need for ongoing testing, bug fixes, updates, security…the list goes on. You can’t simply upload an app to the App or Play Store and leave it there with the expectation that it will flourish and grow on its own. Instead, an app needs to be nurtured and adapted to fit with the demands of the market and your fan base. But where do you even get your fan base from? How can you begin to adapt and grow if there’s no one to give you feedback?

A shocking 90% of all apps fails because of this oversight – knowing your market and having a fan base ensures that your app is able to meet the demands of consumers prolonging its shelf life, and popularity.

Overestimating Organic Growth

If we look at apps like Flappy Bird you may assume that it’s easy to upload an app and get instant virality; this isn’t the case. Most viral apps, like addictive casual games such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds, have been carefully planned in terms of creating hype before the launch. App Store Optimisation (ASO), demos, betas, adverts on social media and targeted, and branded communications in the lead up to launch help to kickstart downloads and ratings on launch day – pushing the app into the featured section.

This leads to spontaneous downloads from those browsing the App and Play Store. It is with specific app marketing that these studios are able to achieve such success on launch. Without pre-planned app marketing that’s live before the app launch, organic growth would be very slow and would put the app alongside the other 100 app uploaded to the store that day, all desperately competing for downloads.

Launching into a Saturated Market

If your plan is to rush your app, fill out the gaps on the App and Play Store forms and go, then sorry, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot. It’s unlikely that, at this point, you’re on a deadline to hit the market with a ‘first’.

There’s little innovation within consumer apps – forget apps created for a specific business niche like internet banking – which means you should take the time to do the basics of app marketing. ASO will be your key differentiator, so do the research, test creatives and write, rewrite and continuously optimise your title and description based on the market and feedback. Unless you’re content with your app will getting lost in an oversaturated market of premium apps and clones.

Create Demand and Excitement

The best apps – or rather, those with a large fan base – launched with already established customers. Just like marketing a product or service, or even launching a Kickstarter, a fan base should be established through paid and organic marketing.

App marketing needs to start at the beginning of the end; at the point where the app is almost ready to be launched as a beta. Gathering a team of test subjects can be tricky. You might have friends and family willing to test and feedback or you might want to pay for market researchers. Either way, you need to have your brand and app present across the web and social to give your customers something to interact with, a tangible ‘face’.

Even if your app is in the testing phase and you’re thinking, ‘this isn’t ready’ or ‘it isn’t perfect’, don’t worry! What’s essential is that you get set up and share branded communications from your pages otherwise you’ll find the launch of your app to the App/Play Store to be a bitter disappointment. You’ll struggle to find a more exciting event than your launch day, so don’t let it come and pass without having poured a portion of your heart and soul into marketing your app.

Simplify your App Marketing

App marketing can absolutely be simplified; letting developers do what they do best, and having marketers working on the communications side. We have designed a flexible app marketing package, App 90, specifically for developers to help them market their app. We suggest that app marketing begins 3 months before launch and continues for 3 months after launch to successfully:

  • Create a online brand with a website/landing page and social media
  • Write branded communications that create reach and engagement
  • Pull together and test all the branding and imagery to be shared on social and in app stores
  • Test the app and visuals
  • Plan adverts across different networks
  • Go out to press and get reviews from journalists
  • Get influencers on board who will create content around the app
  • Undertake keyword research to have a fully optimised app store title/description
  • Increase downloads on launch with a view to have the app featured
  • Gain reviews that will entice other users
  • Acquire feedback about the app
  • Retain users beyond just the first day/ week

It seems like a lot, and it is – there are plenty of opportunities in app marketing from both a digital marketing and PR perspective. To get the most out of your app launch, one that has lots of downloads and great retention, you need a media partner on board from an early stage to set the foundation and get the excitement going while you work on the app.

App 90 is a flexible package which means that OggaDoon’s app marketing specialists can be bought in at any time to create amazing communications and leverage press opportunities for your app. If you’re interested in seeing what we can do for you, then get in contact with us today.

Author: Bobby Marsh

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