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Introducing Anna Wilkinson

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Here at OggaDoon we’re always looking for fresh new talent to grow and expand our PR and Digital Marketing team. Anna Wilkinson is the latest recruit to join the artillery! 

Anna is a Bournemouth native with a degree in Media Communications from Bath Spa University. She moved to Bristol in a leap of faith so she could be a part of the incredible creative, business scene and move to the big city; OggaDoon was the top of her hit list.

Before she joined the team, Anna was a freelance Social Media Manager and Copywriter where she completed work for the Marlborough Literature Festival and her favourite interior designer. She also worked for a Social Media agency based in Wiltshire, where she picked up many hot tips to make your social media pop.

Although cliché, Anna admits that in her spare time, her favourite hobby is the classic walk along the beach. Her Bournemouth roots mean her first and last love is the sea which is pretty much the only downside to living in Bristol. Anna also loves swimming, Zumba, boxercise, and healthy cooking. 

If you’d like to speak to Anna, our latest PR and Content Executive, feel free to drop her an email. She’s got plenty of exciting and innovative stories to share. 

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