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Welcome Louie, Head of PR

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Experienced journalist and PR consultant Louie Hadley is the latest member of the team to join OggaDoon.
With over a decade’s experience working for a range of organisations, from start-ups and SMEs through to PLCs, Louie brings a wealth of knowledge and insight for OggaDoon’s growing client base.
After completing a post graduate diploma in journalism Louie worked as a reporter for various news media, including the Express, Telegraph and FT, before making the switch to public relations, utilising his skills to create content and editorial opportunities for his clients.
He said: “OggaDoon is a small but perfectly formed agency, with a blend of fresh young talent and older experienced heads, providing clients with access to a fully-integrated service no matter what their requirements.”
“The whole team is driven to achieving results and I am looking forward to helping the agency maintain and even surpass that level of excellence as well as win new business.”
The OggaDoon team is handpicked from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines meaning clients have instant access to experts on social media, digital marketing, content marketing, media relations and internal communications.
Speak to us today for help telling the world about your business. 

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