We’re happy to announce that we’ve got a new client for our digital marketing and social media services.

Please welcome our newest cyber client, Medicare Network, specialising in cybersecurity solutions for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and life science sectors.

What sets Medicare Network apart is its ability to customise its cyber solutions to various challenges that their clients are experiencing. Especially in the healthcare sector, the most targeted industry for cyber attacks, being able to respond promptly to potential risks can save $millions and even human lives.

In its mission to better understand the challenges that healthcare facilities are facing nowadays, Medicare Network is organising an event on 3rd November, Developing New Care Models: The NHS Virtual Data & Information Conference.

In the meantime, we are thrilled to discover case studies, reports, and stories to share from Medicare Network’s world, on their social media. Check them out on Twitter and LinkedIn – @medicarenetwork. 

If yours is a cyber/tech business and you still haven’t found the tone of voice for your social media company pages, let us give you a hand.

Get in contact today, for a friendly chat, and let’s grow your digital presence.