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Welcoming Parys

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This month we are delighted to welcome Parys Gardener, who will be joining us as PR and Digital Marketing Executive at OggaDoon as part of a 6-week placement!

Parys is an award-winning contemporary digital illustrator who has worked with brands including Nike, Footlocker, gal-dem, and organisations including Rising Arts Agency, Bristol 24/7 and Watershed. She’s passionate about identity, representation and celebrating homegrown talent. Parys brings with her design skills, relationship-building experience and in-depth knowledge of Bristol’s cultural scene.

Parys is currently on her last of three placements supported by Creative Workforce for the Future programme (CWFTF). The CWFTF aims to provide professional development training to around 40 creative SMEs in the West of England through organised placement opportunities with local businesses. The businesses host 2 placements for 12 18-30-year-old professional creatives from Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic origin and/or from a disadvantaged socio-economic background.

Parys says “Creative Workforce for the Future has increased my self-confidence and has made me a better communicator. I’m empowered to be more vocal professionally.”

During her placement with us, Parys is hoping to gain skills in proposal writing, working with clients and understanding data analytics as well as expanding on her design skills.  

We’re thrilled to have her on board.

Speak to us today about working with Parys on a project.

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