Since 2020, the health tech landscape keeps changing. A sudden spotlight was fixed on the industry. But also, more and more people became interested in the latest technology and healthtech developments. Specifically, how they could be used as we entered the unchartered territory of a 21st century pandemic. And while some industries floundered, healthtech flourished. It made way for new and emerging health technology companies to pave the way into a new, healthier world.

As is the case with most industries, there are several big-fish health tech companies that dominate the industry landscape. These include Babylon, Lumiradx, and Zava. Because these businesses have secured millions through investment, they’re transforming the heath tech landscape for the better. However, they are not solely responsible for innovation among health tech companies. There are thousands of smaller start ups all making a big impact and innovating life saving tech.

Here are our top five health technology companies to watch.

1. Forth

Forth is a Welsh-based health tech company trying to help optimise people’s health and wellbeing through personalised biomarker profiling. Users receive an at-home blood test which they return to the lab by post. Results are then delivered to a smartphone or desktop app. Here, users can read all about their different biomarker levels and what this means in terms of their health. The app also gives useful details about how users can change and alter their lifestyles in order to improve their levels and health. Recommendations help to reduce the chances of common ailments and major health problems like obesity, heart failure, and diabetes. Forth offer a range of tests varying from female hormones to mental health.

2. Headspace

Headspace is a smartphone app founded by Andy Puddicombe. Andy studied Sports Science as a degree but cut it short to become a Buddhist monk for over 10 years. Eventually, he was ordained at a Tibetan monastery in the Indian Himalayas before returning to the UK to spread his teachings of meditation and mindfulness. He set up a meditation consultancy and began working with politicians, athletes, and business leaders, before meeting his business partner, Rich. Together, they launched Headspace. The app helps users use meditation practices to reduce stress, improve sleep, increase focus, and improve relationships. This has an amazing knock-on effect for people’s health.

3. Pando health

Pando is a UK based clinical messaging system and app. They are innovating tech for teamwork and secure collaboration within clinical settings. By equipping medical teams with features, they offer access to bespoke secure messaging, image capturing and patient lists. The main difference between Pando and competing health tech companies is that this platform is designed specifically for health and social care workers. It’s also based on existing and dynamic problems. Their system is literally revolutionising health care and pulling it out of the days of bleepers and switchboards.

4. Span Health

Span Health is a health tech company with a focus on preventative care and recovery through nutrition. The app gives users a direct line to first-class clinicians and specialists who patients talk to through video messages to receive advice. Span is are committed to long term health care in a reimagined way. This approach makes them an innovative breakthrough for healthcare.

5. iamYiam

iamYiam is one of the more radical health tech companies. It launched a truly innovative personal assistant called Syd, which helps users to make healthy decisions. By using predictive population analytics and AI, Syd predicts and advises what lifestyle choices users should make. Syd works on a machine learning and risk mitigation model to understand, manage and act upon users’ health journeys. iamYiam claims to have enhanced the management of health risks such as cardiovascular disease, stress, mental health conditions and musculoskeletal disorders for people in 32 countries. It has also improved their quality of life by up to 61%. So keep an eye on this innovative health tech company.

To differentiate from the crowd, health technology companies need to use marketing to reach their audiences. Health tech marketing refers to all digital marketing (SEO, digital content, User Interface, User Experience). It also includes social media marketing, and public relations for health technology organisations. We’re a health tech marketing agency with a focus on communicating your organisations’ technical breakthroughs to the right audience.

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