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We’re Striking with Greta

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At OggaDoon, we aren’t afraid to make some noise around the subject of the climate crisis and this Friday in Bristol there’s going to be a lot of noise. Greta Thunberg will be speaking at College Green, before leading a group of youth environmental activists in a city centre protest. 

Bobby, our PR and Digital Executive, will be getting involved with all the climate strike action tomorrow. He will be at College Green live tweeting during Greta’s speech and the protest, taking photos and videos, and talking to fellow environmental activists.

Greta visiting Bristol is an exciting opportunity that we are proud to be taking part in. It is obvious why Bristol was chosen as a location for the climate strike; known for its commitment to being green and sustainable, with Bristol Council being the first council in the UK to announce a climate emergency, as well as Bristol being acknowledged as the UK’s first cycling city, and the first UK city to win the European Green Capital award in 2015. 

Bristol is the perfect location for OggaDoon, with our Founder and CEO, Caroline, an environmental activist and a previous partner in an environmental comms business. When she founded OggaDoon, Caroline wanted to create a business that has a positive impact upon the environment, which is why many of our clients are in the sustainability sector. 

We also do what we can as a team to be ‘greener’ – last Christmas we donated a tree for each employee, rather than sending Christmas cards, and we’re also part of Bristol Green Capital Partnership, an organisation which gathers together local businesses who want to share ideas and take action against climate change.

Today there is a buzz around the office in anticipation of tomorrow’s climate strike, and we are looking forward to being at an event which is tackling such a prominent issue. 

We always love hearing from local businesses and individuals about their thoughts on the recent climate crisis and what we can all do to be kinder to the planet, so get in touch if you’re also passionate about protecting our environment. 

Join in the conversation with us tomorrow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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