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Digital Trends Report February 2020

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It’s all about creators this month, as different social channels try to put the means of production – and analytics monitoring – back into the hands of the people…

Get Creative

Vimeo, the challenger to YouTube that has curated a more creative audience than the global leader, has launched its new video creation app, ‘Vimeo Create’. The intention is to empower small businesses to create videos far more easily, and as we know that video content performs 130% better on social than static content, this could be a simple way for SMEs on a budget to experiment with videos in their campaigns. 

It’s All About Creators

Facebook has recognised the importance of creators too, launching the first ever mobile version of Facebook Creator Studio. This will give influencers as well as content-creating brands the ability to see their metrics and stats with a tap, something that could become increasingly important as creators look to capture content and share it during their daily lives. For businesses, this creates a different kind of dilemma: the break between work and home life. Will digital employees be happy to be constantly checking data and tweaking campaigns, wherever they are? 

Hiding Replies on the Feed

Although you can’t play with it yet, the developer community of Twitter now has a shiny new toy to play with: hiding replies. The feature was rolled out to users in November 2019, but now developers have access to the code itself, giving them the chance to tweak the algorithms and play around with different ways of interacting with your audience. Whether or not you decide to create a unique version for your own users, it’s certainly going to change the way interactions and conversations occur on the channel known for open and frank conversation. 

AI Gets Even Smarter

Google has relaunched an app that is likely to gain in popularity across the world: Socratic, an AI studying tool. Forcing its way further into the lucrative EdTech market, Socratic is designed to find explainers or useful videos to explain complex issues or questions, and is focused on voice activation. Businesses should look to this increasingly apparent desire from consumers to have complex questions answered through voice, and look to see if their own FAQs can be linked to an AI app in this manner. Not only will it improve customer experience in general, but will make your website more accessible for those who are visually impaired.

Fake News? Tool Launched to Detect

With rising concerns about fake news, especially images that are doctored and can spread like wildfire online, Alphabet has launched a free tool that can detect whether an image has been tampered with or not. Businesses should take note for two reasons: firstly, that consumers are becoming desperate for reality and so your content does not necessarily need to be polished – authentic will be appreciated. Secondly, that any claims you make through content are absolutely backed up, to prevent your business being caught in the fake news panic. 

Digital World Impacted By Reality

And as if we could forget, Mobile World Congress was cancelled this year due to increasing concerns about coronavirus, COVID-19. It’s a sharp reminder that although the world is moving into a more digital direction, there are still physical practicalities that have to fit the industry. It’s a surprise to many that MWC didn’t attempt a digital conference, suggesting perhaps that more events need to consider digital alternatives – or maybe even first choices – in the future. 

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