You might have noticed that little box that pops up in the corner of websites asking if you need help. Don’t worry. It’s not a virus or spam, it’s usually a chatbot.
So what are chatbots?
A chatbot is an interface bought by companies to communicate with visitors and potential clients. Using its artificial intelligence “brain,” and/or rules set up by the owner, the bot can field queries 24/7, meaning companies can provide a quick and convenient service to customers at any time of day.
Do I need a chatbot for my business?
Chatbots with an “AI brain” can become more intelligent, learning from interactions and storing information to help them solve future queries, rather than just working from a set of rules. 24-hour assistance is an obvious benefit to customers and employees alike, as it reduces waiting time for a response, and avoids inboxes piling up with queries.
People now prefer instant messaging to emailing, and the need for speed will usually be a priority for anyone with a question for your company. Chatbots save time, money, and labour when it comes to smaller requests that are easy to predict.
However, chatbots can seem impersonal, and may not be able to answer more complex questions. They can set up leads for employees to respond to, but this may be off-putting for customers who were expecting your bot to produce an immediate and accurate response.
Despite the age of social media making all communication quicker, there is still a need for human interaction, and robots are currently unable to pick up on nuance. It will be unable to complete specific actions, and business opportunities could slip through the net.
If your company fields a lot of repetitive queries which are easy to predict and summarise, a chatbot could be useful for you. For a more personal customer experience, especially in the case of smaller businesses, visitors may be hoping for a more bespoke service in favour of a quick response that lacks human consideration.
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