The answer to this question is not as obvious as it sounds. The role of a keyword is to drive quality, relevant traffic to your business website. In one sense keywords are the words which directly define what you do and offer to your intended market, on the flipside your business keywords are the most frequently searched for words by your market online. And these are not always in alignment.
Here are four quick search engine optimisation tips to help you select the most appropriate keywords:
Get to know the most frequently searched for terms by your intended market. If necessary create a job role and character profile of a particular target client or customer to help you get inside the head of what they might be looking for – their needs, problems and worries – to fully understand the terms they might be using to search online.Make sure your marketable keywords reflect the service or product you do in actuality offer. Do not use keywords simply because of their trending value.
Your search engine optimisation strategy falls flat on its face if you cannot ultimately deliver what you promoteWhen you are doing your keyword research it is important to not be too broad in your choice of search terms e.g SEO, and opt for more niche terms or phrases (this is called the longtail search). The broad search terms will have high search volume, but the more niche terms will add to up to give you more search traffic, and also traffic that is aligned with your business offering.
Explore the balance between keyword competitiveness and popular use to identify your target keywords. Some may be searched for frequently however this can only make it harder for you to be ranked at the top of searches online. Understanding keyword difficulty can help you plan your SEO strategy; you can see which keywords you are likely to rank highly for quickly and which will require a longer-term strategy.
Finally, your keywords need to be constantly under review, reflecting the changing habits and trends of your market. In our next tips on keywords we will be looking at how to use them throughout your copy online to build up your search engine optimisation and put that thorough keyword research into good use.
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