What is OggaDoon+?

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When something about your brand is a little indefinable, companies often like to give it a title. Something that you can write down, humans instinctively feel, is therefore something a little more tangible. Something I could one day touch, like hope, dignity, or justice.
Here at OggaDoon, we work hard to ensure that we bring more than just project delivery to each of our clients. That means that in practice, our relationships operate more like a ‘friend with benefits’ – but without any of the awkward HR chats.
Through our extensive networking activities, we always seek to represent and promote our clients and partners when we talk with others, whether that’s a formal introduction or an informal recommendation. After all, when you work with some of the world leading incubators, accelerators, and scale ups, it’s difficult not to spot the opportunities between them.
Sometimes those connections result in new leads and opportunities for our clients. Sometimes they just make good friends. In a world where you’re never more than six handshakes away from someone, we like to give accelerating businesses another connection to give them a hand up.
We’re fortunate to see new relationships blossom in this way and that often means that our clients do the same thing in reverse, recommending us and our expertise to those they know. When that happens, we want to thank them – so there’s a nice one-off discount in their next invoice, as a thank you.
You can call it karma, or reputation growth, or just plain niceness. Whatever you call it, we call it OggaDoon+.

“OggaDoon really helped us get our business started. OggaDoon listened to our needs and translated them into an effective launch and broad online media campaign. The response we have had from prospective clients has been excellent, and we feel confident that the personal introductions made for us will continue to convert into ongoing business.”

John Hulatt & Geoff Langan
Directors | Orbitance

Like the sound of us? Let’s make the feeling mutual: contact us here to see whether OggaDoon+ could benefit you and your business.

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