Oggadoon does OiConf!

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Another day, another conference, another opportunity to share our insight!
This time it was the turn of OiConf, hosted in our home turf of Engine Shed. Covering all there is to learn about marketing online, technology, and strategy, expert speakers from around the world explored topics from PPC to AI, Gen Z to the gender gap.
The day started with a talk on “Getting a Return On Your Social Media Activity”, by Daniel Simmons the Founder of Populate Social, one of the top 5 social media agencies in the UK. Daniel spoke about discovering where your community are located, identifying the influencers, generating leads by solving problems and curating content.
Next up was “How to Make Yourself an ROI Marketer: An Introduction to Attribution” by Sam Roberts, a Senior Strategy Consultant at Liberty Marketing. Sam dissected the attribution model and taught us that often the last click is given 100% of the credit – but should it be?
My favourite talk of the day (and yes, I may be biased) came from our very own Creative Content Manager Emily Perkins, who spoke about “Content Diagnosis: When Stuff Just Doesn’t Work”. Emily explained that rapidly changing online and digital parameters means that your content should be too, and encouraged deeper questioning of content beyond simple clicks and conversions.

With a huge focus on AI and bots from almost all speakers, it was apparent that the internet of things and advancing technologies are having a tangible effect on the way that people browse and spend – and whether companies like it or not, they need to embrace it.
Feel a little in the dark? Let us turn on the light for you and your company – click here for a chat with Emily or another member of our team.

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