We all know that incredibly written, accurate and meaningful content is powerful: but it is difficult to put a value to that. How can you measure how interested someone is in a blog post? How can you tell if the content you are writing is working? Where is the ROI in a tweet, anyway?
That’s why when we completed a successful campaign for our client YellowDog, we wanted to share some of their incredible results, because their data proves that content that really connects with your target audience can give you something incredible: loyalty and conversion. It gained over 31k impressions, and secured a £15k project with a brand new client.
But let’s start at the very beginning.
The Brief
For YellowDog – the company that drives to build a world where people can do more, create more, explore more, unleased from their limited computing power – their value proposition can feel a little bit intangible. You can’t touch cloud computing (not yet), and one of their key target audiences understand that: visual effects studios.
The brief was to create a content strategy over two months that demonstrated not only YellowDog’s shared virtual experience, but also their knowledge of the industry’s challenges, their technical expertise, and their vision for offering solutions to visual effects artists and studios.
The Delivery
Five core content pieces were created:
  • An introduction blog, laying out YellowDog’s vision of giving visual effects studios incredible amounts of compute power to help them deliver their projects on time, at high quality.
  • A mini blog series comparing render engines drafted by a YellowDog in-house expert and crafted by us at OggaDoon to maximise the display of expertise in a friendly, non-jargon manner.
  • A case study with Bristol and London based studio, nineteentwenty, showcasing how YellowDog has already delivered to some of the industry’s best.
  • An opinion piece on Christmas deadlines, proving our knowledge of the intricacies of visual effects scheduling when it comes to seasonal deliveries.
  • A case study with an industry respected freelance visual effects artist who has worked on multiple blockbuster projects, giving an artist-centric view of how YellowDog works with people to empower their work.
Each content piece was crafted to directly inform, intrigue and engage key decision makers in visual effects studios, and was shared across YellowDog’s social media channels. The final case study was also published through an industry leading online magazine.
The Results
When the numbers came in, we couldn’t help but smile. 66% of the total website traffic for those two months were for the content from this campaign, with impressions on all social media platforms dramatically increasing.
Over 17k impressions were created on Twitter just from content from this campaign, directing almost 100 click throughs to the website.
We saw unbelievable engagement with the render engine comparison series, as opinions were given and lines drawn – and perhaps what is more impressive is that it gained more visits (1548) on the website than the advertorial did (1498).
Brand awareness was greatly increased, as YellowDog used this content series to firmly establish itself within its target audience, generating a pipeline of leads for the next quarter.
But our favourite result of all: thanks to reading one of these content pieces, a visual effects studio got in touch with the YellowDog team to run a brand new project and a sale was made.
Steal their Success
Perhaps you cannot replicate these fantastic results exactly, but there is no reason why you can’t share your insight, expertise, and knowledge in a way that directly targets your audience. Content that is crafted to grow and nurture relationships, rather than sell, often perform much better – after all, not a single one of the content pieces in YellowDog’s visual effects campaign was sell-sell-sell.
Want to chat to us about your next creative content campaign – or struggling to think of one at all? Coffee’s on us, so drop us a message.