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Converting customers without a website

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For small businesses, converting customers, particularly new ones, is one of the most crucial ways to maintain cash flow. Unsurprisingly, this can make life hard on a business owner.

We were recently challenged to help a business consultancy firm based in the North West of England continue converting customers but only using social media while their website was offline and under construction. Here at OggaDoon, we’re experts in social media so we of course rose to the challenge.

We started out by designing a series of graphics that could be easily adapted to create a strong visual brand identity. We then outlined each of the firm’s packages and made sure there were clear CTAs pushing all traffic to a contact email or DM. Next, it was a case of creating regular content that hooked into industry news and target markets using well researched hashtags and creative and varied content & media. The outcome? New customers.

In the space of 6 months, we delivered some serious results:

  • 2-3 new leads in Instagram DMs per week
  • Doubled LinkedIn followers each month
  • 7,550% increase in Instagram followers
  • Average CTR of 5.8% on Twitter (Industry average is 3.5%)

Chat with us about how we did it.

Although we were creating content for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the platform with the most conversion was Instagram. This is because it’s the platform where most users are just ‘hanging out’ rather than using the platform for a specific purpose. We were able to harness this and target small business owners who were browsing for fun, hitting them with interesting and engaging content full of intrigue.

The result for this business consultancy was increased brand awareness, social media growth, and continued cash flow throughout the pandemic while their website was offline.

Need to keep your business running while your website is under construction? We can help.

Author: Bobby Marsh

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