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Spreading the word: the Global Good Awards

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The Global Good Awards are all about rewarding businesses, NGO’s, charities and social enterprises for doing good, globally, and encouraging them to develop engaged and ethical business practices. They believe in transparency and openness, ensuring that the awards are free to enter for all applicants and the judging process is fair and ethical. In our opinion, they’re the best awards out there…

We were recently asked to help spread the word about the Global Good Award’s new award category: The Canon Young Champion of the year Award. This award is all about celebrating young people making a difference to a social or environmental issue through their grassroots activism. Applicants should be Gen Z individuals with a passion for social or environmental change for issues such as mental health, cyber-bullying, well-being, environmental sustainability, education, charity activism, animal welfare, and diversity & inclusion.

Our mission was simple. Spread the word as far and wide as possible using a limited budget that performs on a global scale. So we set to work. We drafted a raft of social media content for the Global Good Awards social media channels, helped curate a toolkit to share with hundreds of organisations and networks who could help with supporting content and disperse the application link through their networks. We also created a small targeted influencer campaign, setting out who and how we should contact to create a ripple effect with news about the award category.

The short of it?

Within a few weeks, there was a 366.667% increase in applications when compared to the previous year.

Considering each application involves a 1000 word essay with supporting imagery and evidence, this result was phenomenal. Not only did we drive applications, but lots of youth organisations got involved and shared the news across the world, including Young Friends of the Earth and The Diana Awards. We pinpointed the best networks, people, and places that the target applicant would know about, and hit it hard. Through our highly targeted, low budget methods, we achieved a great result for a great client.

Chat with us about how we did it.

There’s still one month to go until entries close… take a look here.

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Author: Bobby Marsh

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