Agile Marketing: flexible, responsive, and real

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What can OggaDoon’s guerrilla marketing agile tactics do for you that other marketing and PR agencies can’t?
OggaDoon’s guerrilla style adopts an agile marketing approach that allows for constant reinforcement and review of ideas as the marketing process evolves. This enables immediate and timely responses to external changes, without the pressure of sticking tightly to a pre-ordained plan.
This means that our clients enjoy the benefits of agile marketing:
Continual measurement and review of impact is favoured over popular opinion and traditional thought. Through consistent analysis and testing, there is capacity to try new activity and review results, integrating new strategy incrementally with a calculated risk approach.With this in mind, a series of small impactful marketing activity is adopted over large and loud strategy. We favour cutting through the noise clearly and directly when it counts, rather than overpopulating and crowding media channels.Agile marketing adopts the individual and personable approach rather than a generic standard. This allows for flexibility in client delivery, aligned with client needs as they evolve over time.
Partnership and collaboration is valued over hierarchy, increasing transparency and creating opportunities to improve the value of client service delivery as work is progressed, and the client relationship evolves.
Don’t find yourself looking back at missed opportunities for accelerated growth as you reach the end of the year. Book a free chat with our team today.

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