How Do I Use Hashtags?

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For the past five years, hashtags have pretty much taken over social media. From tweets to Instagram captions to texts from your mum, there doesn’t seem to be an hour that goes by where you don’t have to decode a string of words jammed together with no spaces, often spelling something completely different from its purpose (ahem, #susanalbumparty).
So do you really need to use hashtags, or are they just a waste of time, which will fade off the social map in no time?
How do I use hashtags?
The first thing to consider is the content of your post. Will other people be talking about the topic? Do you want to reach an audience wider than your followers? Is it zeitgeist, current, trending? If yes, then use a hashtag. But know the limits…
More than two, and people will probably glaze over the haze of text. If you’re just making up a phrase, then nobody else will be searching for it, so you won’t get the reach you were after. Consider the words you tag.
Good choices are locations (i.e. #London), industries (i.e. #tech), and events (i.e. #Wimbledon). It’s also a good chance to join conversations to get your name seen, for example #MondayMotivation, #FlashbackFriday, and #NationalStartUpDay are examples of the kind of tags people will be engaging with on a national – or sometimes international – scale.
That said, you don’t always need to use a hashtag. If you’re talking about something you saw in the news this morning, and others are talking about it too, your Tweet containing the key word will still show up in the discussion feed, even if you didn’t use a hashtag. So before you spam your posts with needless #, think about whether you really need to.
Still confused? Don’t worry… At OggaDoon we can take hashtags off your hands and make sure your social media channels are always part of the conversation. Want to find out how? Contact us for a chat today.

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