This year our Associate Director Emily Perkins will represent OggaDoon as a keynote guest speaker at the Robert Half Creative annual collaborative event.

This year’s theme is “Getting creative: Rebooting the Ad Agency model”. The event will hear from some of the smartest creatives, agency entrepreneurs and brand ambassadors who are driving change in their industries.

Emily’s wealth of knowledge, charisma and her ability to convey ideas has allowed her to frequently host workshops and talks, including having presented at events such as DMB, Bath Digital Festival and South West Mobile. Her renowned reputation as a speaker is a result of her highly engaging talks packed with intriguing information. 

Emily shared:

“There’s nothing better than getting creative people together in a room, which is why I can’t wait to speak next week alongside other leaders in the industry. This event promises to give every attendee something new to think about, and I’m ready to bring our OggaDoon expertise to the mix.” 

Before arriving in Bristol, Emily worked with some of the world’s leading tech companies: from Sony to Samsung, Beats to B&O. She now utilises that decade of experience in branding and messaging across a variety of platforms and disciplines such as digital marketing, content marketing, social media, press and media.

Remember, this hotly anticipated event is free to attend! Make sure you register now to grab a ticket and witness Emily in action on August 15th at the Square Club, Bristol.