Branding Decision? Be bold, brave, and beautiful

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This is not a self-help post. Only you know your own brand, but this is a wake-up call to get your branding decisions right from the very start.
At OggaDoon, we love packing a punchwith our words, daring to strike out (within reason) to master delivery of out-of-the-ordinary communications. Not everyone likes to play with language though, so when it comes to choosing your tone of voice, selecting your vocabulary, and exploring how to talk as your brand – it can become a little overwhelming.
First ask yourself this: which brands do you get a kick out of? Which make you grin? Which make you feel beauty? Which make your eyes pop? Which brand’s cunning wordplay or imagery mean you will never forget them? Which adverts become a story you tell over dinner? We expect these are rare specimens, and yet these are the brands doing the job they should be. They are revelatory, enlivening, and brilliant. Best of all, they are memorable.
We at OggaDoon empower branding that has passion and purpose.We know that being bold, brave, and beautiful will set you apart. Here are a few of our favourite drink brands out there that we think are solidly setting the bar above the rest.
Karma Cola is the perfect example of bold, impactful, and animated branding. The designs on their bottled drinks are fearless and fun in the face of their global competitors. We love ‘em even more for the directness of their ethical mission to give back, void of preachery sentiments – what goes around comes around.
What craft beer brand was able to open a bar named after itself only 3 years after launching? None other than BrewDog. Their edgy designs, indy vibe, and punchy beer names hit home with their target market, and ever since launching the brand has soared. If you read their book (yes, they have a book), this is because they didn’t follow the rules, but did it their way.
Fever-Treeis a beautifully branded bottle of tonic, epitomising the quality botanicals inside – refreshing, elegant, and stylish simplicity. It speaks directly to its chic high-end market with a delicious story to tell.
Thirsty? We hope you’re thirsty for more than just a drink. If you are riddled with doubts about doing the right thing, we help spark this process and loosen the reins of what you might think are the shoulds and shouldn’ts when it comes to honing down your brand vision.
If you want to find out more about what we can offer you, download our free infographic. It’ll introduce you to the concept of guerrilla marketing and what we do best at OggaDoon.

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