Sometimes a marketing plan doesn’t work. Sometimes an advertising campaign doesn’t deliver. Sometimes you don’t even know where to start, and you just ignore marketing in the vague hope that it will go away.
We get it: owning and running your own business, big or small, is a huge responsibility and marketing can often take a bit of a back seat when it comes to your priorities. Here at OggaDoon, we’re always meeting entrepreneurs who have a real passion for what they do . . . but no idea how to get that passion out there.
It’s a challenge that our Content Creative Manager, Emily Perkins, chatted about recently with Graham Southorn, Editor of South West Business Insider.

Graham wrote about what we believe makes us different: our foundation in guerrilla comms and how meaningful conversations are better than over-inflated numbers. “People might buy an advert that gets 200,000 impressions and think that’s amazing,” Emily explained. “But if none of those are your target customer, it’s achieved nothing.”
Paid advertising has its place, but organic encounters that speak directly to your target customer will do far more for your marketing experience than blindly pouring money down the drain. It’s all about, as Emily described, “the right content in the right place for the right audience.”
With outstanding companies such as YellowDog, Bristol Energy, and TLT Solicitors also getting a mention in the South West Business Insider article, it is clear that there are many brands working hard to tell their story. We believe that guerrilla marketing offers something a little different.
If you’d like to learn a little more about guerrilla marketing, why not download our free infographic?