We believe passionately that your brand is central to everything you do, say, or even think as a business. It defines your values, and picks your colours. Every conversation with a customer and chat with an investor is framed by your mission. Your vision helps you decide whether an opportunity is a positive step for your company – and without a solid brand, your guerrilla marketing simply won’t hit home in the same way.
Recently, we sat down with OmniDynamics in a Branding Workshop to explore the power of a brand, and to establish that we were going in the right direction with their branding. Many start-ups, such as the fantastic OmniDynamics, are so full of passionate individuals who have a great idea that the branding gets a little lost by the wayside.
They knew this, and they came to us for support – and we loved it. There’s nothing more fulfilling than a branding workshop that really delves into what a brand means, how you will activate it across channels, and what you want to change. It can revitalise an old idea, or challenge you to put down your newest plan.
Now, we’re not about to reveal all the exciting things we discuss with OmniDynamics . . . but I love these three key takeaways that can apply to any company, any industry, any brand:
1. Sometimes you don’t even know why you love a brand
Whether it is that coffee shop you always go into even though you know there’s better coffee elsewhere, that shoe designer you can’t afford but you chuck on the credit card every few months, or that tech that you just can’t say no to: our love for brands sometimes defies logic. It’s tapping into that blind loyalty that makes a product or service a brand in its own right.
2. Sometimes you instantly know why you hate a brand
For me, it was a bad customer experience when I was made to feel stupid. For you, it could be a car that broke down repeatedly despite the garage promising they had fixed it this time. Sometimes it is as simple as deciding to support a local business over a big corporation. Whatever the reason, you know why you dislike a brand, and it can be almost impossible to break through that dislike.
3. Sometimes your brand sparks no emotion at all
This is the situation that you want to avoid at all costs. If your brand does not make anyone feel . . . well, anything then you’ve got a problem. You see, most companies would rather that you felt hatred for them than nothing at all. With no emotion, there’s nothing to remember. Be brave in your authenticity, and show people what your brand really stands for. There are going to be people who don’t like your brand – but no one brand is going to take over the world. Know your niche, and spark reactions.
Sometimes, in a company’s journey, the branding can get a little lost. It’s not your primary focus, perhaps. In your mind, there are more important things to be getting on with – but there are few things as powerful and as meaningful as your brand. You trade on it, depending on your customers’ trust and loyalty, and your investors to recognise the power of your brand.
Don’t leave it alone to fester. Get in touch with us here at OggaDoon for a chat about your branding.