Dear Greta,

You’ve made us panic. You’ve woken us up. We were striking for climate justice alongside you on Friday.

Walking among the tens of thousands who had arrived in Bristol from all over the world gave us hope. Seeing everyone with one common goal was an emotional experience because it finally felt like people were understanding. Like us, they were panicking too. 

As a business, and as individuals, we have continued to strive to lower our carbon emissions. Our Founder, Caroline, has spent decades working within organisations that have environmental impact at their core. Therefore, we know there is always more we can do. 

We are going to limit the amount we use our cars, eat less meat, and reduce our plastic consumption as individuals. As an organisation, we have joined Bristol Green Capital Partnership (an organisation committed to helping businesses reduce their carbon), invested in planting trees, and work with clients who are committed to reducing their carbon emissions.

Thank you for striking. Your determination to protect our futures, and the futures of our children, and grandchildren has woken everyone up. People are finally sitting up and paying attention to what climate scientists have been saying for decades. 

As one of the banners at the strike proclaimed, “I can’t believe I’m protesting for my own future.” Neither can we. 


Caroline and the OggaDoon team