OggaDoon’s Creative Content Manager Emily Perkins shared some of the digital marketing mistakes that she has seen a client make in the past at July’s Digital Marketing Meetup.
It’s never fun to discuss the challenges within your role, and when Emily was overruled by a client almost four years ago, she learned some vital lessons from the fallout. She was eager to share these with the attendees of the Digital Marketing Meetup, which drew a crowd from both corporate business and other digital marketeers.
“One of the best ways to prevent mistakes is to learn from other people’s,” Emily says. “It was my pleasure to reveal, without naming names or giving enough details to identify the client, just how a mistake can be detrimental to a start-up at the very beginning of launch.”
Attendees were appreciative of Emily’s candour, particularly about pre-launch marketing and the need to truly dig into what your audience needs.
The focus then moved over to Dawkins Ales which received the ‘Queer Eye’ treatment from a panel of experts. Andy Gibbard, Joy Boyce, and Rog How shared their quality expertise with Faye, part of the Dawkins company, from a branding, website, social, and content perspective.
The successful drink brand, Dawkins, demonstrated that even when you are beloved by your audience, there are ways to improve your digital footprint and reach new audiences.
If you’re worried that you’ve made a digital marketing mistake, get in touch with us at OggaDoon now to see how we can support you through it– and towards better things.