Back in 2018 we had the pleasure of working with a team of passionate hobbyists who wanted to grow their community through an app consisting of a news feed, encyclopedia, how-to guides, and more.

We helped them bring that vision to life, drawing on the successes of these features replicated in other social media apps, but tailoring them for the app and its users.

Our main objective was to oversee the hard-launch of the app which took place at one of the UK’s biggest industry events. Success was measured by downloads and retention focusing on repeat users, time spent in app etc.

That’s when Scale 90 came into play. Press and influencers, social media, digital engagement, on the ground creative content generation, in-app engagement expertise – all came together for the campaign.

We utilised each platform’s features measuring the engagement and testing new approaches in the lead up to the launch, whilst crafting how-to guides and blogs for the app, and working in tandem with the development team to help fix bugs and improve the in-app user experience.

This campaign utilised every part of our team’s expertise from digital marketing and PR, to SEO and pay-per-click.

By working with the team at an early stage, we were able to maximise the impact the launch had; testing messaging for the audience, getting conversations going before the launch event, and ironing out any issues with the app.

Launch was a complete success thanks to all of the prep-work and efforts of the team, and our attendance and live tweeting from the event.

To see the results of the app’s launch thanks to Scale 90 read the full case study here.