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If you’re putting your brand out there – in press, on social media, or the good old fashioned way at a networking event, there’s one place curious prospects are going to look to find out more – your website.
A good website showcases your brand, and it should work hard to do this well. You don’t have long to impress, either – 55% of your visitors will spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website.
Ensuring your website captures the imagination of visitors right away is key. But while it’s important to have an attention grabbing design, the next stage is just as crucial – your copywriting and what you’re actually saying.
As a writer my biggest bugbear when doing research for a clients is visiting a website and not being able to work out what the business actually does. In the scramble to showcase the brand as impressively as possible, many businesses forget how important clarity is.
Clearly stating what you do, and why you do it so much better than anyone else cannot be underestimated. Less is often more when it comes to word count, so you’ve also got to make sure the words you do choose, well, count.
Finding a voice for your brand can be tricky but it’s really rewarding. When your website reads cohesively, you create a user experience that is underlined by trust. The best way to impress your prospects with your product or service is by writing about them in a way that gives them all the facts – and intrigues them enough to pick up the phone and start a conversation.
The devil’s in the detail, and at OggaDoon we leave no word unchecked in making sure your website speaks to your clients in a clever, clear and convincing way.
Think your website could do with a spring-clean? Give us a call on 07970 233490 to chat to us about your needs.

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