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Landing global press for entrepreneur: 51 million coverage in 90 days

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Landing global press for entrepreneurs doesn’t have to be impossible. We worked closely with Roman Grigoriev, CEO and Founder of Splento, and within 3 months landed 11 pieces of coverage with a reach of over 51 million. 

Not bad for a new client fresh off the block. Clever PR tricks to get coverage, clean and focused hooks, and expert brand positioning gave us the leverages needed to hit international titles such as Authority Magazine and Thrive Global, place Splento personnel on live BBC radio, and hit global podcasts such as the Events Podcast and Meeting Minds

Chat with us about how we did it.

landing global press

Securing a feature for an entrepreneur in the media isn’t something that can be done immediately. We started with understanding Roman deeply: his story, his journey, and his vision for Splento and himself. We next looked to create a specific niche for his business, with a focus on events, that we could really exploit.

Hooking into our plethora of journalists from around the world, we found opportunities for Roman to share his expertise and delivered: 

  • A high intensity strategic session culminating in a creative strategy that pivoted with learnings
  • 11 pieces of coverage in 3 months: Thrive Global (twice!), Authority Magazine, BBC Radio 4 Moneybox, London TechWatch, Project Hatch, IdeaMensch, Enterprise League, HIWA Mag, The Events Podcast, and more
  • 51m+ global reach

And we’ve not stopped with introductions to national events for mutual sponsorship opportunities, quote requests coming to us now that Roman’s name has become more well-known, and a growing focus on a secondary market. 

Is it time you saw your name in print? Desperate to gain digital coverage? It’s time to talk to the pros. 

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